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 At FBMC we believe that God has a unique purpose for your life and there is a special area of service that will allow you to fulfill that purpose.  Jesus came to serve; and He calls us to serve one another.  True happiness in life is achieved when we serve and help others.  When the Church and her members have a "servant spirit" we can be used mightily by the Lord and do wonders in the community.  We are commited to helping you find a ministry that best matches the distinct way that God has made you. Listed below you will find a listing of ministries by category with supporting Deacons and Ministry Leaders:

Support Ministries

Deacon Harry Thompson

Education Ministries

Deacon Bertie Blanding
White Background

Service Ministry

Deacon Eddie Brown

Sis. Angela Fambro/Sis. Rhonda Russell
Culinary Ministry

To oversee the operation, usage, cleanliness and preservation of the church kitchen and its equipment; to plan, prepare, and serve food for church-supported activities and other special events.


Deacon Keith Ivey

Pastor Picture 2016 (2).jpg
Ivey 2.png
Rev. George P. Windley, Jr./Sis. Lori McMichael
Deacon Keith Ivey
FBCIC/Food Pantry

To improve the social and economic status of local communities through workforce preparation, education, cultural awareness, civil rights advocacy, and well-being services.

The purpose of the food bank is to collect and distribute food to those who have difficulty purchasing enough to avoid hunger.


Deacon Kevin McMichael

Worship Ministries

Deacon Ronnie Scott

Scott 2.png
blanding brittany 6.jpg
Deacon Ronnie Scott/Sis. Brittany Blanding

Praise Dance/Mime Ministry

 To enhance the worship experience by providing our youth the opportunity to glorify God through the art of mime.  The Praise Dance Ministry seeks to advance the kingdom of Heaven through the art of dance. Through learning different dance and theatrical techniques, the Ministry gathers movers of all ages to worship God and bring souls to Christ through our message.

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