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FBMC Media Ministry
2024 Drive In Conference

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     This conference is being designed specifically for Media Ministry Leaders, Ministry Members, Pastors, Church Leaders and Church Members who are interested in sharing information about their Media Ministry.  The conference will provide opportunities for individuals to network with other Media Ministry professionals. There will also be opportunities for individuals to connect with others who may be of assistance to enable churches to enhance their delivery of media services.

"Helping to spread the Good News of the Gospel throughout the World"

Conference Sessions

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Registration Opens  - 8:00 AM

Opening Session - 9:00 AM
"Spreading the Good News of the Gospel throughout the World"

Rev. Dr. Sammie D. Simmons

Tentative Concurrent Sessions - 9:45AM  
Presenters TBA

1.  Audio (sound boards) etc.
2.  Video (cameras, etc.)
3. Pictures (capturing events,
building photo library)
4.  Streaming (platforms)
5.  Supporting other Ministries
6. Supporting Christian Education
7. Media Ministry Startup on a budget
8.  Microphone Management (wired & wireless)
9.  Mobile Media Solutions
10.  Print Media
11.  Media Ministry Technology
12.  Music Ministry Coordination


Closing Session Technology and the Media Ministry - Presenter TBA
Session titles are subject to change.  Session times - TBA

Friends Using Digital Tablet
Conference Registration
Follow the QR code or click the Link

Registration Fee $25.00
On-line payment available

If you wish to participate in the conference planning process, email us @

If you wish to present on a topic please email us @

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Media is the vehicle for communication and you as Bible/Mission/Preaching/Education majors are really in the business of communication. In your particular case it is the communication of God's message to man.

Mike Mazzalongo

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